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Neuco periodically receives announcements from our vendor partners as they make pricing adjustments to certain products and/or product families. In an effort to clearly communicate these manufacturer price increases to our customers, we publish them online in advance of their effective dates.

Below are the details of our recent and upcoming manufacturer price increases:

August 25th
  • Honeywell
September 13th
  • York Applied
September 14th
  • Laars
September 18th
  • Apollo
September 25th
  • Honeywell Genesis Cable
  • Mueller Fittings
September 29th
  • Asco
  • Jackes Evans / Parker
  • Kunkle
  • Sporlan
  • White-Rodgers
October 1st
  • Siemens
October 2nd
  • International Comfort Products (ICP)
October 9th
  • Carrier
November 1st
  • Dwyer
  • Johnson Controls
November 15th
  • System Sensor
December 4th
  • Browning